Compression Springs

These type of springs are typically manufactured from round wire and in a cylindrical shape. However, square or rectangular wire can also be utilised and spring can be shaped in barrel, conical, hourglass and other profiles.

Spacing between coils can also be varied to provide different spring rates throughout the operating range of the spring. This type of spring represents an extremely flexible design approach to force resistance and energy storage.

In these type of springs, we have capacity to produce in automatic or CNC machines from wire diameter 0.15mm to 14.00mm and manually up to wire diameter 20.00mm. Most of the materials that are used in these types of spring are alloy steel wire, piano wires and spring wire. Depending on the nature of requirement of customer, specific material is used to get the required results and for long life of the spring.

All the machinery related with the processes of heat treatment, grinding, shot peening etc. are available in-house for smooth running of production.