70 CC Parts


Cam Front Brake

Cam Rear Brake

Cir Clip 16mm

Cover Exhaust Muffler

Muffler Exhaust

Nut Spire 3MM

Pipe Front Fork

Spindle Gear Shift

Spindle Kick Starter

Spring Brake Pedal

Spring Clutch

Spring Front Brake Arm Return

Spring Kick Starter Ratchet

Spring Kick Starter

Spring Large Front Fork

Spring Rear Cushion

Spring Rebound Front

Spring Rebound Rear

Spring Side Cover Lock

Spring Side Stand

Spring Stop Switch

Spring Tensioner

Washer Kick Starter

Pakistan Spring & Engineering Company (Pvt.) Limited is a 3rd generation family owned business spreading its manufacturing facilities keeping in view continuous growing requirements of different industrial sectors of Pakistan, especially Automotive Sector.